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In an effort to remain current, we only keep announcements up for 2 months.


The Darien YMCA would like to serve all members of our community. We will do our best to accommodate all individuals with special needs into our programs. If you or a member of your family re-quires additional assistance or has a special circumstance, please let us know. For more information, contact Terri Accomando, Director of Special Needs Programming at 655-8228 ext. 1351 or For all swim classes, please call Jim Matthews at 655-8228 ext. 1332 prior to registering so that we can discuss your child’s special needs and swimming experience. For more info, check out

Knowledge is Power!
Announcing ASRC’s Fall 2015 Parent Education Programs!
Now that the kids are back at school with new notebooks and sharp pencils, it’s time to think about what YOU might need to spend some time learning this fall.  At ASRC we have a number of different programs and workshops scheduled to help you understand the diagnosis of autism, the special education system, interventions, issues around transition from high school to the “real” world and just plain networking and support.   Check out our listings on our website at, e-mail us or call 203-265-7717 for more information.  We’re here to help!
Parent Advocacy Boot Camps return in Willington and New Haven
Our very popular Parent Boot Camp – Transition OMG! is coming to New Haven!  In partnership with Gateway Community College, our Boot Camp will start on Saturday, September 26 and continue on Saturday, Oct 3, Saturday Oct 31 and Saturday December 5 at Gateway in lovely downtown New Haven.  Sessions include information on the IEP and transition issues, legal and financial aspects, supporting and motivating for independent living, secondary education and employment.  Our final workshop is a unique interactive session where participants will work in small groups with a facilitator to create individualized to-do lists to get started!  More information and registration.
Are you new to the diagnosis of autism?  Feeling like you need more information about autism and the special education system?  Join us in Willington on Saturday, Oct 17, Sat. Oct 24, Sat Nov 14 and Sat Jan 16, 2016 as the SUCCESS SEPTO hosts a Parent Boot Camp at the Willington Public Library.  Sessions run from 10-1 and include an introduction to special education, the IEP and the Planning and Placement Team process (including what to do when you disagree!), our popular page by page review of the IEP document and two sessions devoted to issues in transition from working with your district to prepare your student for the next phase of life through the legal and financial questions and concerns that families face.  More information and registration.
Flagship 10-week Advocacy Training Program:  Navigating Life on the Spectrum
Whether you are new to the world of autism and special education, transitioning to elementary school, middle school or high school (or beyond!) or just need a refresher for your new stage of life, our flagship 10-week Parent Advocacy Training Program will provide you with all the information you need about autism, special education, transition, IEPs, PPTs, dispute resolution, working with the PPT, negotiating and the legal and financial aspects of raising a child with autism and special needs.  Starting on Wed. Sept 30 and running for 10 Wed mornings from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm at our offices in Wallingford.  A great learning opportunity and a great way to meet some other parents!  ASRC has provided this training for many years, and parents tell us it is the best!   More information and registration.
Our wide ranging Parent Speaker Series revs up for the fall as well.   Starting on Monday evening, Sept. 28 with an amazing presentation on “Sexuality in Youth and Adults with Disabilities” with katie Hanley from the Oak Hill Center for Relationship and Sexuality Education.  The program runs from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at our offices.  Don’t be shy!  Come and learn from a knowledgeable, funny presenter who will tell you what you need to know to help teach your son or daughter critical skills in judgement and safety when it comes to relationships.  Free, but seating is limited, so call 203-265-7717,  or e-mail us to register.  More information here.
Follow this up the next week, on Monday, Oct 5 with “Talking about Speech and Language” presented by Meredith Bandish, founder Communication Foundations, LLC.  Ever wondered what the difference between speech and language is?  Are you confused by receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic skills?  What exactly IS speech therapy and what skills are required to have functional communication?  Come learn how we teach these fundamental skills and why they are so important.  Free, but seating is limited, so call 203-265-7717, or e-mail us to register.  More information here.
Just feel the need for some support or to meet some other parents who are living YOUR life?  Check out our Support Group listings on our website.


Literacy Solutions now has a new location! They are in Oxford AND Norwalk, CT. Literacy Solutions is your source for building reading and writing skills. We instruct students at every level from kindergarten to university. For more info, check out


Announcement! The new Westport YMCA is offering programs for individuals with disabilities.


The Southfield Center for Development is now enrolling children and adolescents in the upcoming SuperKids group series to start in January 2015. SuperKids is a series of 12 group sessions that is aimed to help boys and girls who are between the ages of 4 and 18, who have significant communication and social challenges. The groups are formed by carefully matching children with similar needs and developmental levels. In SuperKids, group members learn to identify obstacles to their social interactions, label them, and learn strategies and coping skills to compensate for these difficulties. SuperKids is available to work closely with the child’s school and family, across a wide range of issues, including: social thinking challenges, AD/HD, anxiety disorders, autism and pervasive developmental delay. If you are interested in having your child join, or would like to learn more about the SuperKids group program, please refer to the contacts below.

Taylor Kurtz, Psychology Assistant:  /  (203) 202-7654, ext. 126

Clorinda Moccia, Psy.D., Psychotherapist:  /  (203) 202 – 7654, ext. 112


Expressive Therapies – When Words Are Not Enough”

Expressive Therapies LLC is opening a center in Greenwich for kids and teens with special needs, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome. The center specializes in working with the mind, body, heart & spirit to provide children of all ages the opportunity to achieve their own goals. Common goals that can be addressed through expressive therapies include: improving focusing abilities and attention span, improving emotional regulation and distress tolerance, improving social skills and parent-child relationships.

Expressive Therapies, LLC. 79 East Putnam Ave, Suite 17, Greenwich CT, Phone: (203) 962-6581


Children’s Therapy and Learning Center is now located at 2228 Black Rock Turnpike- Suite 201 in Fairfield, CT. CTLC offers integrated and collaborative care for children and their families.  Services include:  Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Academic Tutoring, Educational Consulting and IEP Review, Psychological Testing, Behavioral Consultation, Social Skills Instruction and Groups, Handwriting Instruction and Groups, Life Skills and Pre-Vocational Training and a Summer Learning Camp. 
Please visit our website for further information about the center or call 203-908-4433 to inquire about our services.


The Seed Center
30 Buxton Road Farm Road, Suite 105
     The SEED Center is a therapeutic center for children and adolescents with special needs, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders, learning disabilities, speech and language delays and other disabilities.
The center offers a variety of services such as applied behavior analysis, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social skills training, comprehensive evaluations and home programing.
State-of-the-art technology is used including video modeling, iPads filled with therapeutic applications and multi-touch Smart Board technology. Professionals work and train together to maximize progress and skill development providing a well-coordinated, all-inclusive environment.
Parents can rely on The SEED Center to provide therapeutic tools, training and facility accommodations. Children can look forward to a fun, engaging and social learning environment.


The Prospect School!

The Prospect School at Wooster is a world class day school serving children with diagnosed learning disabilities and ADHD, ages 7-14. Our personalized educational experience gives students the academic and social skills they need for success. Instruction in basic skills is embedded in our challenging and enriching curriculum. Along with highly trained teachers and small class sizes, our students have access to 1:1 reading and math instruction as well as speech and occupational therapy services. Check for more information.


St. Vincent’s Autism and Developmental Services, located on the grounds of St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Westport Campus, is now taking referrals. Services offered include: Social Skills Groups for children and teens, Parent Support Groups and Workshops, Sibling Groups, Individual, Child and Family Counseling, Diagnostic Evaluations and Testing, Resource Coordination and Educational Support. The experienced multi-disciplinary team coordinates appropriate services for children and families. St. Vincent’s Autism and Developmental Services uses evidence-based practices and tailors interventions to the child and family’s needs. The program is affiliated with St. Vincent’s Health Services based out of Bridgeport and insurance is accepted for clinical and evaluation services (Aetna, Anthem BCBS, Cigna, Coventry First, MHN, Multi-plan and POMCO). Questions about the program and referrals to St. Vincent’s Autism and Developmental Services can be made by contacting the Annemarie Callagy, LCSW at 203-341-4501 or


STAMFORD SCOPES is back. SCOPES: Stamford Coalition of Parents Expecting Success. SCOPES is group of parent volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of families in our community, especially those with children who can and should receive special education services.


Introducing SWIM WHISPERERS, Angelfish Therapy’s new swim instruction program aimed at all kinds of children, but particularly those who might experience limited or no success learning to swim through traditional methods. In short, the goal of Swim Whisperers is to turn any child into a confident and independent swimmer, no matter what their situation or condition is. SWIM WHISPERERS is currently available in Stamford CT, Wilton CT, Danbury CT, and Manhattan. Visit today to learn more, and get your child swimming independently sooner than you think.

Splashingly Yours,

Ailene & Cindy

Angelfish Therapy


Local Darien resident, Grace Ann Baresich, runs a website developed to help families with autistic children develop travel strategies and provides travel info etc. Check out


New Website!!! Focus on Norwalk!!! As a parent of a child facing challenges I have come to realize that our self-education and increased awareness of our child’s special circumstances and the process that we have to work within are the keys to ensuring that our children receive the appropriate education and emotional supports that they need and to which they are entitled. I know what it is like to be searching for answers only to be held back by not knowing which way to turn for them. Toward that end, I have attempted to create a portal of information that might be useful to other parents as they begin this search. They must understand that beyond this website there are many other resources for them to increase their understanding and knowledge of special education laws as they pertain to their child’s needs. These will come in the form of specialized websites, books, magazines, workshops, and informational sessions. They should consider joining specialized organizations in order to keep up to date on their specific areas of interest. In addition, one of the most valuable resources would be the parents of other ‘exceptional children’ such as your own. You will find that there is a special kinship among these parents – many of whom have travelled the very path you are on now. Most of these parents are quite willing to share their experiences and knowledge. In the meantime, I am pleased to offer you this tiny first step and wish you luck on your journey. M.Jeffry Spahr


MindFit LLC : My therapy practice specializes in treating parents and siblings of children with special needs is now called MindFit LLC and I am using neurofeedback; a training program for the brain that maximizes ones potential. Contact Sue Jacoby at


Constellation School-Based Therapy,formerly known as Norwalk Rehabilitation Services, provides expertise in the delivery of educationally-related therapy services to a number of cities and towns in Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Connecticut. The services and programs provided to each district vary, according to the needs of the students and teams served. Constellation has designed, implemented and currently manages school-based therapy programs, to promote best practices in the educational setting. We provide teams of occupational and physical therapists, with advanced skills and expertise in pediatrics and school-based practice. Our therapists focus on removing barriers for students, in their abilities to learn, and participate in all aspects of the school environment. Please contact us at: 203-845-8000. Visit our new web-site at:


Ruthann N. Short MSW, LCSW is pleased to announce her private practice in Clinical Social Work, Specializing in working with Children & Parents With learning and School related concerns. 4 Whitney Street Extension, Westport, CT 06880. 203-454-2424. Ridgefield practice: 203-431-3234


Achieve Fluency has a new facility at 456 Glenbrook Rd in Stamford. Please congratulate Achieve Fluency’s new location and fourth year of making a measurable difference in the lives of children with autism, Aspergers Syndrome, learning disabilities, attention deficits and children struggling to learn. Contact Achieve Fluency by phone at 203-698-0247 or email at


NEW EDUCATION CENTER IN NORWALK : The Claus Academy, Inc. is a new education center located at 25 Van Zant Street in Norwalk, CT. Our focus is tutoring, mentoring, and coaching young adults, ages 15 – 21. We offer brain-based 21st century reading, writing and math instruction designed to increase knowledge, motivation, and academic success. The components of our program include literacy, mentorships, work experience, community service and social justice. We are an “out-of-the-box” education; each student designs his/her own individualized curriculum, works at his/her own pace and schedule. We believe that young adults need access to up-to-date technology and use computers, cell phones, IPods, and other technology to engage learning. Students will also take college courses either on-line or at Norwalk Community College. Enrollment in The Claus Academy can be a replacement for high school (full day), a supplement (tutoring) program, a transition year (between high school and college), or whatever the student needs it to be. Please come and visit! Our space is designed to minimize stress and to maximize creativity. Limited openings are available for September 2009. Please call Barb Schade, Director, at (203) 286-8303 to set up an appointment. Thank You! Barb Schade, Director Monica Shaper, Reading Specialist


CIRCLE OF FRIENDS!At The Circle of Friends we have created an exceptional network of friends for children and teens with special needs. We organize social activities both one on one and in group settings that foster camaraderie and friendships. For a schedule of our Sunday Circle/Teen Scene Events or Adult Socials and for more information on all of our programs, please contact The Circle of Friends, 40 King Street Norwalk, CT 06851. 203-866-0534. Email


The IDEA Learning Center, a private school for young aduts with autism and other related developmental disabilities over the age of 17 and specializing in programs for those over the age of 21 will open its doors on September 14, 2009. The school is located at 515 Washington Avenue in Bridgeport, conveniently located at the crossroads of I-95 and Rtes. 25-8.


We Will Ride Therapeutic Riding Inc. P.O. Box 1155, Ridgefield, CT. 06877 203-438-1947