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SPED*NET New Canaan operates solely on the donations of individuals and corporations. We need your support to continue to achieve our mission of empowering parents, professionals, and students with disabilities to become more effective advocates. Donations to SPED*NET New Canaan are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowable by law.

ALL DONATIONS BETWEEN AUGUST 15 and SEPTEMBER 30, 2015, will be earmarked for our ACCESSIBLE PLAYGROUND in New Canaan, PERFECT for individuals with Disabilities and every other child in the community.

To see what great programs we have personally brought to you, click here. Our monthly seminars and statewide conferences have educated thousands of families and professionals. We have also answered several hundred email inquiries. We maintain this website and update it daily. We also maintain a listserv of over 2,800 people, and now we have a free video page.

To donate, you can click on the Donation button, or send a check to:

SPED*NET, Special Education Network of New Canaan, Ltd. PO Box 1612 New Canaan, CT 06840