Example of FERPA letter

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October 9, 2004


Mr. Sigmund Freud, School Psychologist
My Middle School
New Canaan, CT 06840


Re: FERPA Request for all of Eva Smith’s records


Dear Mr. Freud,


In preparation for Eva’s upcoming IEP meeting, I am requesting a copy of all of Eva’s records since March 8, 1999. I am entitled to these records under FERPA, The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and IDEA 2004, The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.


Please include all of her records, which include but are not limited to: her cumulative file, her confidential file, and her compliance file. Please include all reports written as a result of the school’s evaluations; reports of independent evaluations; medical records; summary reports of evaluation team and eligibility committee meetings; IEP’s; any correspondence retained between myself and the school officials; any correspondence written between school personnel regarding my daughter including emails; any records maintained by the school nurse, Eva’s teachers, and any member of the IEP team; notes or letters written in connection with any planning or discussions, or any other matters in connection with my daughter Eva Smith. Please include any and all personally identifiable information that exists.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



Very truly yours,


Anne Smith
123 Main Street — New Canaan, CT 06840
Tel:(203) 966-1234
Fax: (203) 966-5678