Examples of Supplemental Aids and Services

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From the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education 12/00 http://www.mcie.org

Environmental/physical accommodations/modifications

v Providing preferential seating

v Altering physical arrangement of classroom

v Reducing distractions

v Providing quiet corner/room

v Modifying equipment

v Adapting writing utensils

v Allowing use of study carrel

v Providing assistance in maintaining uncluttered space

v Providing space for movement or breaks

Instructional modifications

v Teaching to learning style

v Modifying materials

v Providing resource room instruction

v Providing one to one instruction

v Varying method of instruction

v Varying content of lesson

v Providing alternative assignments

v Providing extra visual and verbal cues and prompts

v Providing study sheets

v Conducting as assistive technology evaluation

v Providing augmentative communication devices

v Allowing use of computer and calculator

v Allowing use of tape recorder

v Providing books on tape

v Providing textbooks for at home use

v Providing notetaker or teacher outlines, study guides

v Modifying workload or length of assignments/tests

v Modifying time demands

v Allowing additional time for assignments and tests

v Allowing answers to be dictated

v Providing word bank

v Providing hands-on activities

v Providing highlighted materials

v Allowing use of manipulatives

v Giving no penalty for spelling errors, sloppy handwriting

v Providing adapted physical education

v Following routine or schedule

v Alternate quiet and active time

v Teach management skills

v Assign specific tasks within specific time period

Social/behavioral interventions/supports

v Providing immediate feedback

v Allowing rest breaks

v Conducting functional behavioral analysis

v Implementing behavioral intervention strategies

v Implementing behavior modification plan

v Developing crisis intervention plan

v Using varied reinforcement system

v Providing circle of friends

v Provide peer buddies

v Provide counseling

v Providing verbal and visual cues regarding transition

v Providing verbal and visual cues regarding directions or staying on task

v Providing study skills instruction

v Providing management skills instruction

v Providing agenda book

v Providing visual daily schedule

v Adjusting assignment timelines

v Providing checklists

v Giving notice, warning before change in activities

v Allowing daily check-in with case manager or special education teacher

Staff supports/collaboration

v Enhanced staffing

v Providing one on one aide

v Instituting Co-teaching arrangement

v Designating adult staff member to listen and provide support

v Providing small group instruction

v Using cooperative learning groups

v Providing staff development

Testing Accommodations

v Allowing answers to be dictated

v Allowing frequent rest breaks

v Allowing additional time

v Allowing oral testing

v Giving no timed tests

v Giving choice of test (multiple-choice, essay, true-false)

v Accepting short answers

v Allowing open book or open note tests

v Shortening test

v Reading test to student

v Providing study guide prior to test

v Highlighting key directions

v Giving test in alternative site

v Allowing calculator, word processor